Friday, April 6, 2012

Roller Coaster…yah yah yah

I have avoided the blog like a __________! you fill in the blank.

The past 2 1/2 weeks have been all over the psycho board.  Not two days after the lose of my coffee shop (grumble grumble) I had two no shows with the model; an intense conversation on the phone; a “mutual” departure of said persons…

I thought we had it hashed out on the phone.  I felt closer and respected her more after we talked.  But what we worked out didn’t last very long as the “boyfriend” had to control the situation I guess.  Creep!

I had created an entire story and image revolving around the knitwear and the model that “we” were working on.  And then - No muse…no story…no motivation.

So I slipped into a “lost interest in that project” attitude and “maybe I should just feel sorry for myself” mode. 

There was a couple of days I didn’t even pick up the needles and was lost and unmotivated.  I questioned why I was doing this…

I am never going to get rich off of this and maybe I should just pull the plug before it cost me any more money and frustration.

I think I was a little spoiled by Tia – the first model.

I love her.

So do you see why I didn’t write?  I am really happy today, can you imagine the explosion of expletives if I was still feeling like that?

So I have begun to refocus, but still have no direction on that knitwear. 

I am ever searching for a new model and will write the ending to the story when I meet her.  I have a general look I am trying to accomplish and hopefully will find her soon. 

This unintentional hiatus has provided me the opportunity to work on an “older” project from the past.  The “GooseBumps Baby Sweater.” 

A little over a week ago Karie received an email with the news that - the maid of honor for Karie and I had a little baby boy.

Karie is planning on weaving little Martino – I can’t find an n-ya symbol for his name – a baby blanket, and I will knit up a sweater.  I hope that I can guess the size right for next Fall/Winter in Spain.

Yes Spain…

I wish we could hand deliver the baby gifts, but that surely isn’t in the cards at this time.  I guess we will just have to box it up with our love and send it like that.

This past week Karie also received the notification that she was placed on the dreaded waiting list for the Discovery Educators Network (DEN) summer technology institute. 

So the only way that she would get to go is if someone decides that it is too expensive and an opening becomes available. 

But wouldn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that you are there only there as a runner up…  Sort of like being the runner up in the Hunger Games.

And since I have been able to travel with or meet up with Karie for a few of these events and I will miss this opportunity also.  

For those of you that remember, I went off to Vermont the one year and had a week long weaving class at the Fletcher Farms School in Ludlow.  Almost tooo much fun that was.

So with the good luck that Karie has – she did get me – the others that are a little upset with the DEN institute are thinking of gathering in Pennsylvania instead.  

Maybe they should call it the NED institute – Nobody Earned Discovery.  That’s right, I said it.  NED that suckers. 

Well, I would love to go back to Pennsylvania again.  That is some of the most beautiful country out there.   I could spend the week in a fiber wonderland searching for that next inspiration.

Pennsylvania - rolling hills as far the eyes can see and road signs that warn the stupid “Bridge Freezes Before Road Surface”  signs. 

Darwinian law would dictate that we should just let those fools learn on their own.  If you know what I mean.

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