Monday, April 30, 2012

Shows–You Gotta Love em!

I don’t think I ever recovered from last week’s show and moved directly forward into this past weekend.

Everyone has a story as to how they came to spinning, weaving, or knitting. 

This past weekend, there were stories of Alpaca and why they ventured into alpaca farming…then others told stories about how they are planning their first purchase and the education that goes with it.  And as you dug deeper, there were also stories of the effects of the economy. 

On Saturday night as I drove home, I made the decision that this Alpaca Festival would be the last event that I would take wheels to. 

A couple of events factored in, but it just isn’t worth the frustration.  And as I find my niche, I don’t think I have the enthusiasm that is needed to “work” the wheels.

And I am tired of having to watch them like a hawk to ensure their safety.  Last weekend I wish I had a sign that read like the one I created here…

  Warning label

Enough said…


  1. Been there done that! Alpacas are a dreaded disease! Much hoopla, no return.....stay away from the sales pitch as if they have the plague!

    1. Thank you Nan, as with most "seems too good to be true" could be!

      I love alpaca, love the animal, love the fiber. But as the political environment we appear to be living in, we need to close the ground between us. It doesn't have to be alpaca vs. sheep farmers...

      The prices are out of control (they have come greatly as of recently) but I think they still need to drop.

      I think we need to blend - blasphemy I know. The fiber is wonderful, but blended with sheep wool - it becomes even more wonderful.