Friday, June 22, 2012

Ga Ga Ga Geo

Karie and I are slowly winding down with our trip.  It has been really fun and we have eaten way more than we should have.  It makes the previous goals before the trip slightly more difficult to obtain. 

The great part about traveling without plans is that you always have time to go off the beaten path…the not so good part about these travel arrangements is it is really easy to not hit the bigger things because you consume too much time on the small stuff. 

So one of the fun items has been, while in Pennsylvania is, our friend took us out geocaching.  Karie and I have never done this.

It was easy to get excited because of the excitement that Jan had doing this.  The funny thing is that Jan likes the easy park and grabs and thought Karie and I were crazy with our persistence.

Most of the satisfaction is just knowing that you found the cache, but occasionally you get to take something from the cache –like a travel bug – and take it to another location and drop it off.

We had originally planned on hitting the Outer Banks, but don’t know if we have enough time to do it right and I surely don’t want to make it a rushed trip that is spent in the car only. 

I am sure that Karie and I will try to hit at least one geocache in each state as we head home…I know we are crazy, but what can I say.

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