Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip

Sitting at Caribou with a  last minute relax before our trip out eastward. 

We have been trying to decide what direction to go and what is worth seeing on our way. 

After careful and extensive searching, l have decided that there isn’t anything to do…

We always have fun when we travel and we seldom have any plans.  Just hanging out with Karie is fun. 

Half way through the trip we will get to hang out with Sarah and Josh in NC.  That will be fun!  We might even go to the outer banks for a day. 

I had better get packing…as we are leaving tomorrow.  Our trips always start with heading the opposite direction to drop the pest off – I mean pets off.  Loosing over half a day with that stretch of our trips. 

Maybe something will inspire me when in Pennsylvania or North Carolina and I can begin designing again. 

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