Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming home from vacation sucks…

What a hot busy summer that is flying past me.  I have started and deleted numerous post and today I will just publish this one whether it what I like or not…

Seems like school was just out for Karie and now we are into July.  Anniversary and Fourth of July already here.  Hope the fireworks will jar something in my head and I will come up with some ideas soon.

Karie and I got back from Pennsylvania and North Carolina with one cool day and the air has been running ever since. 

I mentioned a little while back that I was beginning to bike again.  Things are slowly getting better.  The old body isn’t necessarily getting all that much stronger right now, but it is getting used to the pain.  And once the body accepts that, it will continue to take more and then I should begin to see growth. 

After vacation I was walking to Caribou and walked by a paper sign taped in a window…Knit’s and Kits.

Seems someone has decided to venture into the expensive business district of Lake Geneva and try something.

At first it sort of made me jealous , but I realize that this area is too expensive for me right now and it would be a fast track to the end if I were crazy enough to try.  I don’t know how she will make it, but…

I have talked to both her and her daughter and I will be back to talk more.  Who knows what is behind the next rock. 

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