Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summertime Fun…

So Karie and my get away is behind us and now all we have to look at is each other…

Some of you know, that when we were out in Pennsylvania we were introduced to geocaching.  For those that don’t know what geocaching is…it is an adult version of a treasure hunt.   Complete with gadgets…aka – GPS. 

The idea is to use the gps to get you as close as possible to this find (cache) and then search it out without being noticed by others.

The cool thing is, if you have a smart phone you too can get into treasure hunting without an additional cost.   While there are apps that cost money, the one I have been playing with is c:geo and is completely free.  And for me that is great and seems to be working great.

I like free!

I like fun!

So I have been trying to balance the geeky dorky’ness of geocaching with the incredibly manly pursuit of exercise.  And as long as there are caches close by, I am completely entertained. 

The other day I went out for a bike ride with these frequent stops – for searching – and I ended up with a blend of walking, biking and resting.  Oh…and a little more sun than I had expected. 

Another really cool things is, that geocaching has led me to places that I have never been to.  I grew up in this general area and never knew some of these areas existed.

And while the in the pursuit of these caches…you don’t want to be spotted by others.  A little sneaky is required…

I don’t know if some of that is because you are part of a secret geek society and without the proper handshake you don’t belong.  

But I try to convince my testosterone filled ego, that this stealth is only for the protection of the cache.  Because if other non cacher’s find one, they might disturb or destroy the cache. 

And with the pursuit of fitness, I have found the perfect method of geocaching. 

As I wander around aimlessly…looking up…looking down…poking my head into the trunk of a fallen tree…reaching into the dark recesses of a cavern  - that good sense would otherwise prevent me from doing…the required stealthy’ness lies in the assumption of onlookers, that I am some nut out for a run on a 100 degree day and my brains is just baked!

“Look at that po0r old man…I wonder if he has heat stroke?”

“Maybe it’s Alzheimer?”

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