Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fiber Fairs, You Gotta Love em.

Another outdoor vending saga…episode 5,000,000,000

Recommendation,  registration and regret.

That pretty much sums up last weekend.  I had such high hopes when I packed the Sugar Mobile and headed southerly towards Dixon Illinois.

The weather was expected to be hot, there was a 40% chance of precipitation..but this event came highly recommended. 

Now mind you, I’m not malicing the directors or organizers of this event…outdoor events are a crap shoot at the best and as completely unpredictable as a crazy wound up knitter on heart meds…

I truly did have high hopes as I left Wisconsin behind and set out for the wonders of the south…well, northern Illinois at least. 

I was leaving extra early so I could set up and enjoy myself more, maybe do a little scouting in the area and have an uncomfortable night in the tent if the temperature didn’t cool off in the evening.

I arrived and just missed my friends a few minutes earlier.  I set up what I could set up and headed out. 

With everything handled at the Fiber Fair, I set out to do a little geocaching and maybe get something to eat. 

Three ticks later and a restaurant with a waiting list, I felt sort of stupid thinking that I would take up an entire table for only myself.  With that, I resigned to the emergency rations and had a peanut butter sandwich in the trunk.

The night began to cool nicely and by the time it was dark, I hadn’t been bothered by any mosquitos and decided to just drop all of the window, lift the back hatch and sleep in the Sugar Mobile. 

Once I did fall asleep, I pretty much dozed in and out of sleep for most of the night, but never having any trouble falling back to sleep when woken.  There was something very primitive and satisfying with my sleeping arrangement.

The sun crept up from behind me and I was on the road again in search of breakfast.  I returned to the previous nights restaurant – did I mention that this is the only restaurant in town – and found a willing seat to welcome me. 

I must be a little too accustomed to the touristy vacation prices of Lake Geneva area, that when the oatmeal was only $1.75…that must mean you don’t get very much.  So better order that and the French toast. 

Shortly the server reappeared, carrying a platter with at least a loaf of French toast on it and a good size mixing bowl full of oatmeal…

$6.50 later and a stomach ache, I waddled back across the street and headed back to the fiber fair grounds to finish setting up. 

The day was extremely hot and the action was really slow.

I did run into a couple of old fiber friends and that was the highlight of my day.

Around 1:30 the weather began to change and the local Fire Dept. stopped by to warn the organizer of an approaching storm. 

If the storm stays on it’s current track, it will reach the Fiber fair around 3-4:00. 

With the weather change, people began to pack up and prepare to get the heck out of there. 

I started packing pretty quickly, but by myself the takedown can be a little slow and tiring. 

I had everything down and the inside of the truck loaded…all I had left to do was load the hitch hauler when…

At 2:40, it all broke loose! 

The rain appeared as a sheet across the field, carried by the wind.  Did I say wind…I meant wind! 

I quickly grabbed two tubs and loaded them on the rack, went back to get the last two tubs and as I released the second set of tubs, I reached to get the straps.  When my hand came off the top, the lids when flying. 

Fortunately for me, the truck was packed in just the right position that once they blew off, they landed on the downwind side of the truck and rested there, indifferent to the hurricane I was standing in.

Now, afraid to let go of the plastic sheet that was protecting the fiber, I just stood there not sure what to do. 

I didn’t dare retrieve the lids for fear of soaking the wool…but I can’t stand here all day. 

I was totally soaked at this point, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just stand there and wait to see if the wind let up.

Well, I managed to get the straps on and tightened before driving through a now flooding field and start my drive home…on a now flooding road.

Signing off…Murphy’s Law

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