Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sticking it to heart disease…

Have you heard of Stitch Red?

Well…hear me now. 

For those that know me and others that have merely read my bio on the home page, you realize that I had heart surgery 3 1/2 years ago.  So this posting and campaign is very near and dear to my “heart.”

Stitch Red is a national campaign to bring awareness to heart disease.  Manufacturers, designers and retailers are encouraged to produce a product, design a pattern or sell Stitch Red products in their stores.  This is where I come in…

A week ago today I received an email with this awareness campaign hidden somewhere in the body of the message.  This was the first time I heard/read anything about this.

Nobody bothered to consult with me.  Go figure!

This really excites me. 

I did a little online research and really wanted to get involved.

Sign me up!

I strategized a plan…pitched it to the new yarn store in Lake Geneva – Knits ‘N Kits. 

With Cindie aboard, I had someone to help introduce this campaign.

Things have been moving very quickly - at light speed.

I did some speed sampling and designed a simple beret.  In the symbolic red for heart disease, I test knit a hat.  I got a few reviews on the design and in three day I knit three hats for samples and promotions. 

I only had two hanks of red…and that is probably a good thing or I would still be knitting berets as we speak.

Seven days nearly behind…I have knit 3 sample Berets…I have a photographer working with us…I have a model that had heart surgery about 6 years ago (very cool)…I have the FNIH’s blessing, Stitch Red’s Blessing and the Pope’s Blessing. 

Okay, I don’t actually have the last one…

I also have a check list longer than my childhood Christmas list, with a delivery date of days and not weeks.

Since I am asking the local community to give of themselves…I needed to set an example.  Details:  All kits sold in store – we will donate 100% of the profits.  That sounds a little contradictory…we are donating all of it…there are no profits! Any amount over the hard cost of the yarn…gone…

On the nights of our special events, all other purchases we will donate 10% of the profits.

All online purchases we will contribute 10% of the profits.

We are tentatively planning a meet and greet on September 11th.  from 5-8:00 to get to know the designer (I hear he is really cool, handsome and amazing.)

Hopefully we will have a monthly event that will join the community together for this great cause.

Call to action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Did that get your attention?

For my 3 1/2 readers, I NEED YOUR HELP.

A purchase is always great and needed, but how else can I help you ask…

I know for a fact that most of you are more articulate, more intelligent and more informed than I.  Will you please spread the word. 

I want to communicate mostly with short blurbs on facebook.  Events, specials etc…

If you don’t “like” me already – shame on you. 



Please spread the word!  “like” Johnny on facebook…have your friends like Johnny on facebook – Johnny has feelings too.

Help me “Stick it to heart disease.”

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