Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stitch Red

As most of you know, I have teamed up with a local yarn store with a heart disease awareness campaign - we are getting close to the launch date of Sept 11th…patriots day. 

Patriots day has so many different meanings, to so many people.  And having had open heart surgery three and one half years ago, this awareness campaign has a greater meaning to me.

For those that are not aware of this campaign, check out Stitch Red.

Life got a little busy a few weeks ago, as this was new to me and I wanted to jump aboard…and jump I did.

I contacted the yarn store, contacted Stitch Red, contacted the Foundation for the national institutes of health (FNIH), contacted Linda (a friend that had open heart surgery 6 years ago) and contacted photographers.

I received approval from Stitch Red, from FNIH, knit three hats…yeas 3 hats in a weekend and off to the races I was. 

I really wanted to get the community involved here and I think we did pretty good.

I met Linda a couple of years ago in…none other than a coffee shop.  Linda was wearing a low cut top that had her scar on display – almost like she was proud of it. 

I immediately noticed it,  we talked and quickly became friends.

Linda came to mind immediately when I signed up for this campaign.  What could be more cool than to have a model that had open heart surgery?

Wanda – Wanda DeVries Photography– was onboard as soon as I talked with her and this wouldn’t be nearly as impressive if it wasn’t for her support.

So to all of the people that have help us out on this campaign so far…

Thank You!

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