Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I promise not to get too mushy here, but as I write this I am thankful for my friends.

We kicked off the Stitch Red event last night in Lake Geneva.  At the end of the evening I posted on facebook, thankful for my friends that attended and made it a success in my life. 

It has been a good week with friends and I appreciate them all. Unfortunately some of them live a distance away. 

While the fix I get is always intense and great, it is short lived and I have to “come down” at irregular intervals and readjust to my less exciting everyday life.

Yet another is soon to be moving and that will leave me with another huge void that I will have to fill with crack or meth…just kidding.

Last weekend Karie and I met a friend at the sheep and wool festival in Jefferson WI.  We actually didn’t met here there, we have known her for years…

Karie had a full day class so I was left to spend the day with friends as I wandered around the fair grounds and window shop.

I stopped and talked with numerous vendors that have become friends along the way - and was fortunate to run into other friends that were also wandering the booths. 

While I didn’t buy anything I did my best to encourage others to spend – spend – spend. 

And my friend Molly from La Crosse did just that.  She bought a gorgeous little Angora Buck that puts the errr in fiberrrr.  3-3 1/2 inches of crimpy delight covered that little varmints body. 

I will have to jump over to Handmade by Stephanie when I am done here, as I bumped into her and Lauren…and as always enjoyed.

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  1. Congratulations on your Stitch Red event!

    It was great seeing you at the Sheep & Wool Festival. I'm very impressed that you didn't buy anything! I managed to exercise a tiny bit of restraint...