Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Under Construction…

In addition to working  on pattern modifications– yes I am still working away on this - I decided that I needed to add one more item to the To Do List….  I am also working on my website. 

I wish there were more of me…

No…I wish that there were a better “me”.  

Not a mini me, but a “maxi me”. 

Someone that could do more of the everyday task that seem to get me bogged down and clog my brain with clutter. 

For the website, I have been slowly adding more and more kits, but I still have a long way to go.  That is were the pattern project has been coming in. 

I wanted to vet the patterns a little closer and have recently employed software for patterns/charts.  This does not remove all human error, but it offers another way of checking and improving. 

On the website, I have also been adding needles.  As I stock a larger variety of needles, I want to be able to offer that to others.

Recently I fell in love – sound the trumpets – with knitter’s pride cubics. 

For those of you that have not had the privilege of working with these little beauties,  here’s the quickie version.

Laminated Birch wood, with a  smooth and fast finish. 

Oh did I mention, SQUARE.

When I was first introduced to these, I was skeptical - as I always am.  It was probably just another gimmick I felt. 

So for my double blind taste test, I worked on a project that required dpn’s. 

With the four working needles, I used 2 square needles and two round needles.  To keep this as close to perfect as I could, the round needles were also Knitter’s Pride.  

I chased around in a circle and wouldn’t really pay attention to where I was in the sequence of square vs. round.  When I did pay attention and look at the needles, I realized that I liked the square needles more than the round needles.

Maybe not a gimmick I surmised…

The only real issue and maybe not of great importance – they do appear to be just shy of “normal” sizing.  Not a significant amount and probably not enough to make any difference.  But slightly different.

The other and last point of future needles – Knitter’s Pride has also added a Carbonz needle.  Needles made of carbon fiber…

I think these might be of great interest to knitters that need/want the smaller gauged needles. 

Is this a gimmick or not?

I am looking forward to testing these.

Stay tuned.   

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