Thursday, November 15, 2012


A few weeks ago, I had a small photo shoot for my little people sweaters.  (I hate to call them baby sweaters, as the cute little girl that helped me out is a year old and hardly a baby.) 

I needed to get some photos done – where time was of the essence – but I wasn’t organized enough and frankly I didn’t have the money to employ a professional to get it done for me.

The plans were sort of spontaneous and it worked out well for the lack of preparation.  It came down to a week schedule at the moment of asking – to the day of the shoot.

I threw out a few days that would work form me, and my mom friend picked out of those days what would work for her and we had a plan penciled in.

Day of the shoot, we drove around a little looking for the “perfect” spot.  And what that came down to was – where were the fall colors still available to us.

Where is this going…well, the point of this is I had a blast!

Photography is something that I enjoyed in my past life and it just sort of faded away with the time. 

Photography became a documentation of holidays and/or special outings. 

I no longer went out in pursuit of photo opportunity.  Walks when I could just walk and look. 

Opportunities like the orange mushroom that rested just of the path.  Or the moss on a damp rock that had tini-tiny flowers blooming and thriving. 

As I said, I had a blast. 

Photography is another creative outlet for me and it draws me in with all of the possibilities of what it could be. 

It might inspire me to try more of my own shoots and hope the models are patient and work with me. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

    1. if you go to Johnny Skein on facebook, I have the pictures posted. You can't miss them, as they are the cute little girl!

      This has inspired me to get back into photography and I think I will be doing more of my own shoots.

      It's not only a blast, but will maybe save some money in these slower months.

      Thanks Stephanie and hope to see you again soon.