Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It’s Only Knitt’in…

That would sound really cool would be if I could write the above statement, only with an Irish Brogue.

I make this statement as a way to minimize the fear that so many of us have when knitting and encountering a mistake.  We all face mistakes when knitting. 

Really, how could it be any different?

There are so many opportunities to drop a stitch, add a yarn over, cross a cable on the wrong row.  An almost infinite amount of opportunity – to just screw up!  If it were easy…

I know – hear the rumor mill now – how could I possible say that?  Knitting is easy…ish. 

Here it is, I just get in a rush – when I switch from a purl to a knit…or visa versa, hoop there it is.  A new stitch when I was completely content with the number I previously had.

Again – I am in a hurry and don’t complete knitting the stitch. When I slide the stitch from the left needle to the right needle, I don’t really have an actual stitch and again – oops. 

The same simplicity that attracts me to knitting, often doesn’t appear so simple when frustrated. 

All we do is create loops and pull them through or across other loops – and soon we have a piece of fabric.

It’s only knitt’in…

The great thing is that seldom do these minor mishaps require ripping out and re-knitting.  Most of the time you have the opportunity to just re-work those few stitches and fix the mistake where it is. 

But, for the “more serious” mistake – you can rip out the previous 5, 10, ??? rows.  It’s not the end of the world, it’s all fixable.

Maybe you don’t like the way your design is working out…

Rip it out.

Back up and try a different decrease to see if that one fits the pattern better.

Add a couple of short rows to your pattern, because your curves are better than the designers curves…

The point of all this is most people get panicked when they discover a goof, or don’t like what they see in there time consuming knitwear. 

But as they say – it is what it is.

Unless you full/felt it, you can fix it.

It’s only knitt’in!

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