Sunday, December 23, 2012


I haven’t visited here lately.  The “multi-tasking” hasn’t been the most productive for me. 
So as I stop in here today, I will not be talking fiber.  I will talk about some of what has been keeping me so busy.  This just might push me over the top of sane and leave all of  you wondering if I have completely lost it. 

I am headed back into the kitchen today…I mean for this rant.
A friend introduced me to “no knead bread” back in September.

Only 3 ingredients – if you don’t count water as an ingredient. Mix it and let it sit.   And let it sit some more - 12 – 18 hours actually.

She was quoted as saying “…I can’t do anything to ruin it…”

I found that this may be true for the taste, I too haven’t made a bad tasting loaf yet…but I will confess to having a not so visually appealing loaf.   Maybe even a few, not so appealing loaves.

I have been mixing it before bed and will then bake it the following afternoon and enjoy with some hummus and smashed avocado.

Otherwise, refrigerate it - cut off small chucks - roll it flat and bake  on a cast iron skillet for fresh naan (Indian flat bread).

Another kitchen activity that has me busy is yogurt – but we travel to the Mediterranean Sea for this delicious treat.

Karie and I like Greek Yogurt and we really go through it. 

When I researched making yogurt online, it appeared that it could be made for half of the cost.

Well that isn’t exactly true.

Because of the excess liquid being strained out, Greek yogurt is a much firmer yogurt and homemade yogurt is very soupy. 

More of thick drink consistency. 

I understand that this is probably the natural way, this is the old school yogurt of years past. 

No added pectin or powder milk to firm it up, but we like the thicker Greek style.
And since I am trying to keep this as natural as possible, I don’t want to add pectin and since I am making this organic, I don’t want to add the store bought powdered milk because of the uncertainty of it’s origins.

I understand that pectin is so called “natural”, but so is uranium and I don’t really want that floating around my soup…

And while I can get organic powdered milk online, I don’t know if it is worth the hassle and extra cost. 

So for now, I put up with the straining and end up with a 40% loss of volume.  But it is not wasted.
The strained liquid is none other than whey. 


I always wondered what Miss Muffet was eating from whence the spider frightened her away.   And being from Wisconsin, I am rather ashamed to say…”I did not know.”

I have been trying it with cooking the bread, baked goods and just taking a swig or two for medicinal purposes.  I think all it gives me is gas though.  ;)


The third and final act of craziness has been making ghee.

No that is not a British accent, it is what we call clarified butter.  But ghee comes from India and India has been around longer than the states, so ghee it is.

See how this story has come full circle?

The 2 great benefits of ghee is non-refrigerated shelf life for the end of the world…well that didn’t happen - and a higher smoking/burning point.
And what might be better is brushing a little ghee on the naan and sprinkling with sea salt before eating. 


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